Jigsaw Puzzles - Video Edition

With Jigsaw Puzzles Video Edition, we have reinvented the jigsaw puzzles by putting videos instead of pictures.

Here are the key points to understand everything:

– How to play?

You play JigSaw Puzzles- Video Edition like your play other classical JigSaw Puzzles: drag and drop the pieces to where you think it should go. The main difference is that the pieces are parts of video, and so they are animated!!!!

– No ads

Nothing more to say 🙂

– Daily Puzzle

Everyday a new video puzzle for free!

Come everyday to play with a free video puzzle.

You can finish a daily puzzle another day, but if you miss a day, you miss a puzzle!

– Subscription

Subscribe to get access to all the puzzles immediately and enjoy them for the duration of your subscription.

You can subscribe for a week, a month or a year.

The subscriptions automatically renew at the end of their duration until you choose to cancel.

– Color Search

You can search new puzzles to play with the ‘Color Search’ feature.

Simply drag the white dot at the top of the color bar and the 12 most corresponding puzzles will be displayed

– Create your own video puzzles!

You can create your onw video puzzles and play with them.

Go to the ‘create’ screen, select your video, crop it, and that’s it: your puzzle is ready to play!

Really important: Your videos and your puzzles never exit your device. They don’t transmit on any server, they are processed locally and never leave your device.

– Discover new packs

New packs of puzzles are added regularly. You can find them in the screen ‘news’ with the top right icon.

All packs of puzzles can be found on the screen ‘more puzzles’.

If you subscribe, you have access to all puzzle packs for the duration of your subscription.