GeoKids France


Thanks to GeoKids France you’re gonna be the master of French departments, regions, cities, rivers and overseas territories. 

In the adventure mode you’re gonna learn the Geography of France with our pilot. You’ll find cities, departments and regions to locate, and quiz to answer.

The learning mode allows you to train on all themes. In this mode, there is a a puzzle game mode, in which you’ll play with departments and regions in the map of France.
There is also a discovery mode to locate the departments and the regions on the map.

The challenge mode will test your knowledge on main cities: you have to locate them on the map. The closest you are, more points you get.

Each family member can have its own player profile, so you can compare your progress to other ones.

For each correct answer you win a diamonds that can be used to conquer the world, country by country. Goals to achieve will give you more diamonds.

Let’s play!!!