Animated Puzzle

Specially designed for very young children, through those animated puzzles, children will be able to travel across the entire world and discover animals from each region. Polar bears, desert camels, Pacific Coast sharks, asian panda bears, australian kangaroos, and so many more…

Feature Highlights:
* Bright, colorful, wooden jigsaw puzzles, each with 10 Р15 pieces 
* Nine puzzles featuring animals from regions all over the world
* Touching a piece temporarily removes all the remaining pieces, making the board easier to see
* In every puzzle, some of the holes in the board are animated before and after the correct piece is put in
* Teaches about animals, geography, climate, and habitats
* Enhances visual and spatial skills, as well as hand-eye coordination

On completing a puzzle, the child hears a congradulatory musical phrase and the sound of applause. The finished puzzle contains both objects on the board and objects that were pieces of the puzzle. The outline of each piece is clearly distinguishable in the finished puzzle, and the animated scene will be enjoyed by parents and children alike.