Weigh the World

***** TOP 5 Kids in over 30 countries! *****


Which is heavier, a mouse or a toothbrush? What did a T-rex weigh, or what does our entire earth weigh? Immerse yourself in the exciting and surprising world of weights, and impress your friends and parents with your knowledge!

Play some thrilling and exciting game modes and become a weights pro:

>> Weights: Place weights on the scales to find the correct weight of an object.

>> Compare: Which object on the scales is heavier?

>> Quiz: Select the correct weight of an object from three options.

>> Sort: Sort objects from the lightest to the heaviest.

>> Mix: Have fun with weights and objects! 

>> Quick Game: Weights, Compare and more…

– 6 exciting game modes: Weights, Compare, Quiz, Sort, Mix and Quick Game
– Choose between grams and ounces
– Dynamic scales: Position items and objects anywhere
– 4 colour palettes available to personalise the app