Math and Letters Air Control

– Hey dad, You know what I want to do when I grow up? I want to be a pilot.
– Nice idea!!! You have to work hard at school
– but Dad, look, I already know fly planes, and even helicopters, and I’m learning a lot with the game “Math and Letters Air Control”.

Count, calculate, differentiate between odd and even numbers, recognize alphabet letters, sort vowels and consonants… 
While playing, children exercise with numbers and letters.
3 difficulty levels allow a smooth progression while having fun.

By starting with the “solo missions”, a training camp, kids will learn at their own pace then they can play with the “adventure mode” with compulsory exercises.

There are 8 different solo missions, with 3 difficulty levels.
There are 10 missions in “adventure mode”, also with 3 difficulty levels.

hello … the control tower? tango charlie here … I request permission to land on runway A.