Tiny Space Adventure

Live a great adventure with this point and click game that combines simplicity and logic …

∙ Touch Arcade – 4.5/5 – “Tiny Space Adventure is really enjoyable, visually striking, and provides players with just what they desire – a good solid platform puzzler with no unnecessary clutter.”

∙ PocketGamer – “Tiny Space Adventure is a pretty interesting puzzle game masquerading as a simple point-and-tap adventure.”

∙ 148 Apps – 4/5 – “Tiny Space Adventure is a mostly delightful puzzler that will test players’ memory and pattern recognition skills.”

∙ App Advice – “This is definitely a title that anyone, especially those who enjoy casual games, can enjoy. Tiny Space Adventure is a fun little game to have around.”

∙ AdventureGamers – “If this has your fingers itching in anticipation, there’s no need to wait.”

∙ SoftTonic – “Tiny Space Adventure is gripping and fun to play”

A journey into space…
A rocket failure…
An unknown planet…

Here’s what you are going to live in Tiny Space Adventure.

Can you manage to pass each level without being trapped? Try and you’ll know 🙂

You’ll face puzzles of increasing difficulty, but also many surprises in each level … it’s up to you to discover them…

Ready to live an intergalactic adventure?

Let’s go!!!